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We offer private and group yoga classes led by one of our trusted instructors who can assist every level of yogi. Our yoga classes are designed to blend seamlessly with your stay, creating a peaceful and calming environment that will enhance your wellbeing. Experience the tranquil waters of our nearby river and connect with nature as you centre yourself with our morning yoga classes. Enquire when you make your booking to incorporate wellness and yoga into your Holly tree house experience. 


My journey with yoga started over a decade ago when I discovered its transformative power. Since then, I have dedicated myself to teaching and sharing this practice with others. My classes at Holly Tree House are designed to help practitioners of all levels develop their strength, flexibility, and balance while also calming their minds and reducing stress. My aim is to help people develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and to experience the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Yoga at Home
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Alisdair McDermid-Smith

"Yoga has been a fundamental practice in my day to day life, a practice that keeps me grounded, physically fit and in the present. I studied to become a yoga teacher in Brisbane, Australia back in 2021 and have since been sharing what I know to help others discover and relish the benefits og this age old practice."

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