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Image by Kevin Erdvig


Searching for a unique destination to host your next special event, workshop, or corporate retreat? Holly Tree offers all the tranquillity, natural beauty, amenities, activities and comfort you are looking for. Nestled in the Symonds Yat, the House is just an hours scenic drive from the Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham.

Situated on 126 breathtaking miles of forested land, we offer unmatched privacy, a wide variety of outdoor activities and a large home perfect for bonding and unwinding. Everything you need to create a successful team gathering is here. Our corporate events manager can work with your team to coordinate all the necessary A/V equipment, lodging, cuisine and activities, including kayaks, trail runs, bike tours and more wye valley activities.

We bring teams to life through adventure in nature and inspiration at home 


As remote work becomes more and more popular for companies and startups, team bonding and quality time with your coworkers will be crucial in order to stay connected, maintain team spirit, and build company culture. Not seeing the team very often means we need to make up for time lost and the best way to do so is with a proper company retreat to recharge batteries and get some well-needed team bonding and time together. Experts even suggest that relaxing and winding down is key to higher productivity for many. For others it’s to get out in nature and get the body moving.  Whatever your company needs, we are here to fulfil.  


How it works.

Contact us with your brief and we will put forward a number of ideas.

Starting with the team needs and individual requests including bedroom arrangements, food specifics and travel logistics.   We can then discuss building in any team activities, Individual therapies, technical specification, breakouts, catering needs, everything you need.

I’ll be with you right from the start - from the design and planning phase through to delivery on the ground.  


Hands On or Hands Off

We offer both.  Rock up, get the tour, the keys and a bottle of bubbly and be left to it. Or let me help you put this together and get the team in kayaks, on the yoga studio matts and trekking through this incredible valley.

As designers have always said to me…'s all in the brief


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